Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cash4Minutes work?

This unique service works by calling the number displayed from either your mobile, fixed line, Vonage, other telephone /VoIP account which gives you ‘free’ minutes as part of your calling plan.

Once connected to our system you’ll be rewarded a small amount for every minute you are connected and listening to the selected radio broadcast.

Your reward in exchange for listening to the radio stream could be one of the following:

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Charity Donation

Once you’ve signed up you’ll then need to register your phone numbers before you can begin dialing into the radio streams.

Adding multiple phone numbers means you’ll earn your rewards quicker and is great for sharing with other family members.

There are no limitations to the number of concurrent calls which can be made. However some Networks may disconnect your call after a certain amount of time connected. Should this occur, we invite you to simply redial.

Will you use my personal data?

We do not share your personal data with third parties. Your personal details are safe.

We may from time to time send you information about other similar services which may be of interest to you, which Cash4Minutes offers.

How will I get my reward?

Once you’ve reached the threshold of minutes required, we’ll process the amount due to you by the following working day but we will endeavour to process your payment ASAP.

What if my Caller ID is not available or presented?

Generally speaking we will receive your Caller ID (CLI) on every call, but sometimes this is not available. If you call up and our system has been unable to detect your CLI, it’ll ask you to enter the CLI you wish your minutes to be added to.

Your minutes will then be added to this account as normal. This is instead of using a PIN based system.

How does Cash4Minutes generate its revenue?

Our revenue comes from the phone calls generated by you via your phone company, and all you need to do is listen to the radio stations which we stream in order to earn units. Please note that we are only able to pay out on funds which we’ve successfully received from your phone company.

Why am I not earning any referral commissions?

You must make sure that you pass on your unique URL which can be found in the Invite Friends tab.

Once the referrals sign up by clicking on your unique URL, you will then begin earning your commissions.

The referral programme is designed to allow users to earn more from referring friends and family members.

We’ve seen a lot of abuse of this occurring and therefore have decided to block referral’s from the same IP addresses.

How do I know if the calls I make are included in my free minutes?

It is your responsibility for checking whether the calls which you make to the service are free from your inclusive calling plans.

We cannot be held responsible for your pricing/tariff plans. It is advisable to make test calls first to check what you are being charged by your provider.

It is also very important to note that should Cash4Minutes end up not being paid by its suppliers, due to fraudulent calling traffic or traffic which does not meet a suitable profile by the Originating Network/provider/Carrier, then this will mean that we will be UNABLE to pay our users for these calls made to our published numbers.
Whilst this is rare, it can and does happen occasionally, and we will inform you of this as soon as practically possible.
Traffic which violates your providers terms of service or fair usage policy may not be paid.

Is there a limit to the number of phone numbers that can be attached per account?

No! You can add as many phone numbers to an account as you wish. This saves you having to setup multiple accounts.

Why am I not able to connect to some or all of the numbers which are published?

Some of the numbers which we publish are only able accessible from certain routes or countries. Unfortunately we do not have the information as to which are the best routes or ways of calling the numbers. If you are unable to successfully connect then we’d suggest you try a different provider.

I've not received my reward?

It is your responsibility for ensuring that the details which you provide to us are correct.

We cannot be held responsible for making incorrect payments due to the information which we receive being incorrect.

Any accounts which are dormant for over 6 months will be terminated.  Any unclaimed units will dissolve and will no longer be available.

What do I do about paying income tax on the revenue I make from Cash4Minutes?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay the relevant taxes in the country that you are based. Cash4Minutes provides the means of being paid for calls made to our published phone numbers but it is your responsibility to ensure that you take the relevant advice from tax professionals on paying any taxes that are due.

Bank charges

Unfortunately due to an increase in bank charges, we have no option but to start introducing charges for payments made to both International and EUR bank accounts (excluding UK bank accounts). This will be effective from 5th December 2018 as we can no longer absorb these fees ourselves.

The new charges will be as follows; €5 for EUR Bank Transfers, and either €15 or $15 for International Bank Transfers. These bank charges will be deducted from the amount due to be paid.

There will also now be a minimum threshold level of 20 units before being eligible to request release of funds.

Please note that Bitcoin payments and UK payments are unaffected by this.

SMS update

We have now launched an app that sends the SMS messages for you. Currently only supports Android Lollipop+. For more info click here.

Pending units

Please note that units remain ‘pending’ until we release them. After this point you can then request payout providing you’ve earned more than 5 units (£5). Units remain pending for 35 days up until the month in which the calls were made. For example, calls made in February are due for payment on 5th April and calls made in March are due for payment on 5th May.

International pending units

Please note that calls to International numbers (outside of the UK) remain pending for 50 days up until the month in which the calls were made. For example, calls made in February are due for payment on 20th April and calls made in March are due for payment on 20th May.