User Guide

User Instructions

 If you are using Cash4Minutes for the first time please ensure you read this User Guide and follow the instructions.

 As with many things, once you start using the service it becomes very easy to follow, however we want to make sure you are getting the best out of it.

1. Become a Member

Click on the Sign Up button and fill in the user instructions. Keep a note of your user email and password for login.


2. Your Phone Package

You can use both a mobile and landline phone with our service. The most important thing you must do is check with your network provider all your package allowances. In particular look out for countries on your plan that you can call Free of Charge.


3. Attach Your Phones

This step is very important, as without it your numbers will not be registered for use on the service!

On the portal (the section that you get to when logging in), click on the Menu, then select My Phones.  Click Attach new phone and follow the simple instructions. You can attach as many numbers (mobile and landline) as you like.

When your numbers are attached on your account, you are able to start using the service and generate units.


4. Access Numbers

These are the numbers available to dial to generate units.

Make sure you have checked with your Network Provider which countries are Free to call on your package.

From Menu in the portal click Access Numbers. Once on the page you will see:

Current Access

This is a list of Access Routes that have recently been connected successfully by our customers. They will be the best routes to try every time you log on. Please note the Calling Countries Origin and Network Provider to see if it is applicable for you. Even if it is, there are no guarantee’s you will connect. Please always make a short test call with any route first to ensure you are not charged.

New Ranges

These are the new number ranges that we get sent daily and are always worth testing to see if you connect.

Full Access Numbers List

  • This list shows Country calling from, the rate and the payment release period.
  • *Please note it may not be possible to call numbers in the country you originate from
  • Select a country from the list
  • Choose a number to call and dial
  • IF you connect successfully you will hear a recorded introduction message asking you to choose a radio station
  • Please make sure you actually hear an intro message. If you just hear a radio stream it might not be our service and your units will fail to generate.


5. Test Calls

It is advised that you perform a short test call for each number you dial. When you are happy you are not going to be charged for the call continue as above. If you are charged, do not use that number and try another from the list.


6. Your Connected

As long as you have heard the intro recorded message (and checked you are not being charged), you can listen away to your chosen radio stream. The longer you stay connected, the more units you will generate.

Every call will randomly disconnect within various time windows. When you are disconnected simply re-dial and listen again.

If you notice the number you are calling is in the same range as a group of others (eg. the numbers follow on) please work through the list rather than just dialing the same number. This ensures less chance of retention or numbers being blocked.


7. My Activity

Within the Menu you will see the My Activity tab. This is where you will see all your accumulated units, calls and pending payments.

All calls are listed by date and time, underneath each time stamp you will the number (CLI) used to make the call, or if the call was a referral dialing it will say referral. Your units earned will be calculated for each call.

We have introduced Weekly Payment Release. This means that you can request your unit release, and therefore payment every week, instead of monthly. Monthly units are pending until 35 – 50 days after month end.


8. Payment

You will be notified, via the portal when units are ready to be released and paid to you.

There is a minimum threshold level of 20 units before being eligible to request release of funds.

When you receive the notification:-

  • Click on the tab and you will be directed to the payment release page
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Once entered you will receive a verification email
  • Open the email, click the verification link and you will be redirected back to the portal
  • Once you agree to release the funds they will be paid to you via your chosen method
  • Please note that payments can take 1 working day to reach your account
  • Payment methods include: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin or your chosen charity

*If you want to amend your chosen payment method, please do so in My Settings before you release the funds.